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甜蜜假期 創業於千禧年, 公司設立在溫哥華國際機場所在城市列治文. 本公司主力發展加拿大旅遊資原最豐富的卑詩省及加拿大東岸旅遊批發業務, 在同業鼎力支持下, 本公司的零售旅行社網絡已經擴展至多達一百五十餘家, 遍佈大溫地區和加國其他城市及海外, 是大溫地區規模最大的華人旅遊公司之一. 每年接待從世界各地前來的遊客多達兩萬餘人次.

甜蜜假期 擁有自己的車隊, 包括多部大、中、小型豪華旅遊車, 同時配備十多名經驗豐富的導遊精英, 能以國語、粵語及英語為客服務, 多年來本公司的優質服務在行內和消費者方面都獲得非常好的口碑和信譽.

除常備的旅遊線路外, 本公司還可以根據客人的要求特別設計安排行程, 如商務考察, 私人包團, 包車接送等, 公司已建立了良好的全國酒店網絡, 以方便遊客之需要.

Honey Holidays has been established since 2000. Our head office is located in Richmond where the Vancouver International Airport is sited. Honey Holidays is a tour package wholesaler and specialized in tour operation within British Columbia and the East Coast areas of Canada. With the support from more than 150 travel agencies and retailers all over Canada and other countries, Honey Holidays becomes one of the largest Chinese travel company in the Greater Vancouver in British Columbia of Canada. Moreover, we served and hosted more than twenty-thousand travelers each year.

Honey Holidays also has our own coach line, with different sizes of tour buses. We have more than ten experienced tour guides who can speak fluently in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. For all these years, our company provides high quality and excellent services to our customers. We have also received high recognition and reputation from the people in the tourism industry.

Our company can custom or design tours according to special requests from customers, such as business travel tour, private tour, pick up and transfer etc. We can also provide hotel and accommodation services since we have built up wide networks with hotel for years.

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